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Eco Moses baskets 2012


Okay so a group of people seem to think the world is definately gonna end in 2012.


Hmmm lets not get too excited and start worrying about the doomsday & it's impending doom.

However, we could perhaps spare a little more thought towards our very own "carbon footprint".

What better way to kick start our eco lifestyle by thinking about putting our new bundle of joy into an eco moses basket....
MinistepsUK has always been very active in the moses basket industry. We are extremely proud to confirm that all our baskets are 100% eco friendly. We would even go as far as saying that our baskets are all made from natural plants.
Wether its a palm, maize, wicker, or a sea grass basket. They are all hand woven using materials grown from our beautiful planet.
100% eco & 100% organic.

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